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Many friends who buy a mini sex dolls.Some people like flat-chested young mini dolls, some like big breasted mature mini dolls, and some only like mini dolls.


1. The weight of the mini sex doll is relatively light, which is a good choice for some friends who are buying for the first time.

2. The mini doll is more convenient whether it is moving, transporting or storing.

3. The price is relatively affordable. For some friends, dolls are just for solving sexual needs, not related to the size of the doll, but related to the cost-effectiveness of the doll. At this time, mini dolls have more advantages.

4. Some friends’ hobbies. They feel that mini dolls are more capable of triggering sexual desire, so they just want to choose mini dolls.


You might think: “I can lift a person weighing 40 kg”, or even a person weighing 80 kg, so I should be able to lift a doll weighing 35 kg, right? “In most cases, yes. But not always…. With the help of humans, they bear their own weight and lean towards the elevator. They may wrap your arm and spread its weight and weight. Weight. Center of gravity and even heavy objects. There are handles in gymnasiums. People with dolls do not have handles, but have limbs, but the weight is “dead” weight. The first time you learn how to lift and move the doll correctly, you may feel embarrassed .I don’t want to scare you if the dumbbells are over 40kg or heavy, but at first there is a technique for lifting a doll, so what choice…


These dolls are scaled down to portray adult women. Adult women have all the beautiful curves, buttocks and breasts, but they are smaller. As long as you don’t make them look young, they are completely legal in most countries. They are a great way to save storage space, back and wallet while still enjoying all the other benefits of a full-size sex doll. Buy mini sex dolls.
In addition to the above reasons, you can also do many things with a doll
watch movie

When you don’t have to go to work on weekends, you can meet sex dolls to watch movies. That was your twice. By watching a movie, you can also strengthen the relationship between the two of you. Isn’t this beautiful? Not only can you relax, but you can also improve relationships.
candlelight dinner

You can enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner with the doll. In this atmosphere, your feelings will quickly heat up. You will have sex with her immediately. You must learn to properly use dolls for publicity. feel.

The above are the reasons why you choose mini sex dolls. Of course, some people also want to customize a full-size sex doll. They think this will make them more likely to have sex. This is also possible, because everyone has a lover who doesn’t love it in their hearts, so custom-made dolls like her are the most suitable choice. Don’t be embarrassed about this. They are all adults. Don’t go all out. Unfortunately, because this is your own choice.