How to protect and store your anime sex doll?
02.15.2023 | xhentaidoll | Blog

    Hey guys, here we are going to talk about how to store and protect your figurine sex doll. As we know, one of the most significant advantages of our dolls over normal-size dolls is that they are easier to use and store, you don’t have to worry about where to put your 160cm doll all day and working out to move them. Although our dolls are easy to store, there are some suggestions for you in order to make your dolls have a longer life.

First, when you use your sex doll

   You may be excited when you first get the doll and want to go on a date with her right away. But please be a little patient, we recommend that you wash the doll with water before you use it, because we always put some protective powder on the doll to keep it dry. Or if you don’t mind this, you can just take it, preferably with a condom.

   And then, don’t forget the most important thing, please put enough lube in the hole and on your penis, so that you can enter her smoothly. Some buyers said that the hole of our doll is too small to enter. In fact, we tried to insert it with a large dildo, and she can adapt to it very well as long as enough lubricating oil is applied. Our doll is elastic, so you don’t need to worry, the tight passage will bring you a stronger sense of stimulation.

   If you ignore this step, you and the doll may get hurt, so please don’t forget it.

Wash it

   The worst thing you can do is leave your sex doll dirty. Not only is that not hygienic and gross, but you are risking your own health in doing so. Sure, the smell will be pungent and whatnot, but that’s nothing compared to what can happen to you if you don’t clean your doll after you have sex with it.

   So, always clean the key areas after sex. That means whatever place came in close contact with your genitals needs to be washed right after. This is non-negotiable if you don’t want your penis in close contact with germs.

   When it comes to thorough cleaning, do it either once every two weeks or once a month, depending on where you store the dolls. If you keep your doll safely stored, away from the dirt and dust, you can get by with only cleaning it once a month. On the other hand, if you’re keeping it out in the open, you will have to do it more often.

Keep It Powdered

   Your sex doll must always be well-powdered. When it comes to which powder you should use, it’s basically up to your preference, but we’d always recommend going with something neutral, like unscented baby powder. Naturally, if you prefer a specific smell, you can find a powder that’s fitting.

   You should always check whether the doll is sufficiently powdered before every use. To be fair, powdering it once a month should be more than sufficient, but still, you should always check. Powdering is a great way to keep your doll fresh and smooth for a long time.

Keep Your Sex Dolls Dry

   As we’ve mentioned earlier, you will have to clean your doll after every use, but what we didn’t say is that you’ll have to dry it after every cleaning, as well. Moisture is most definitely not your friend. Do you know whose friend moisture is? Mould’s and bacteria’s, and we’re pretty confident you don’t want those around.

   After every cleaning, you will have to grab a towel and thoroughly dry the insides and the outside of the doll. The material from which the doll is made is porous, so if you leave it wet, the moisture will surely find a way to penetrate the doll and ruin it from the inside out.

   What you can also do is air dry your doll when you’re not using it. Naturally, this comes after drying the doll with a towel, not before. Basically, what you should do is leave the doll’s key areas exposed to the air, so they can quickly dry and vent out.

Use Antibacterial, Mild Soap

   When it comes to actually clean it, don’t forget that these dolls can’t be sterilized, so don’t waste your money on products that claim to do so. Instead, just go out and find a mild, antibacterial soap and use it to wash your doll. You can even go out and purchase a specially designed soap for TPE and silicone dolls.

   Also, you can try out specially designed sex doll cleaners if you really want to, but you don’t need to spend any extra money on those. A regular mild, antibacterial soap will do just fine.

Don’t Do These

   Finally, the last piece of advice we have for you is to stay away from alcohol, bleach, dish soap, or boiling-hot water. None of these are suitable for a TPE or a silicone doll and will only ruin it instead of cleaning it. All of these are way too abrasive for materials such as TPE or silicone and will only degrade and destroy the material over time. So, just stick to the basics.

   More importantly, the two materials, TPE and silicone, will react together – the silicone will melt, so if you have both TPE and silicone dolls, please remember not to put them together!

How to store sex dolls

    You have did a great job after you did these steps for your sex doll, you’re a good partner to them. Here comes how to store it, you can show her on your room like a real figure, it needs a wooden or acrylic bracket to support her body.
    If you want more privacy, you can put her in a storage bag and put her in your closet. Trust me, she will fit perfectly into your closet.

All right, there are all the suggestion for you, it’s not difficult to take care of them, they can be with you for a long time. If you are tempted, click here to get your new doll!